The Accelerated Life-Transformation Program (ALTP)TM

This revolutionary, digitally-based, life-transformation program can be downloaded and completed in the privacy of your home.   The program is  completed as 4 Levels of Learning, where each level builds on the preceding giving you exactly what you need, when you need it - allowing you to make unprecedented progress. 

By combining ancient & esoteric knowledge with practical techniques and the latest digital delivery technology, the ANAHATA ASCENSION COLLECTIVE are able to bring you this unique offering that will transform your life.

"At the end of this program you will recognize that you have become a more sentient, happier, more kind, more spiritual and hugely more capable human being.  The complex energy system that is you will be literally singing in resonance;  and through the experience of  higher states of consciousness, you will find you are able to see through the looking-glass at the bigger reality and - perhaps for the first time - understand and appreciate your auspicious place within it."

Spirit Master M.

Level 1: Body-Emotions

Level 1 is your first step on the ladder to recovery and life-transformation.

Pre-requisites: A sincere desire to detox, purify and reprogram the Physical and Emotional Bodies.

In this level of learning you will acquire all of the knowledge and techniques you need to address all blockages and energy issues in your Physical and Emotional bodies.

This will include information on how to quickly detox your body, including some recipes. You will receive information that will enable you to consistently make correct food choices without thinking.

You will learn  about an important gland in your body and how you can reactivate it, as well as information about the important effects of food on karma, and how this can hinder your progress.

Training is provided on specific breathing techniques to calm and re-energise body/ mind as well as directing you to a specific exercise technique that will make your body flexible and strong, while starting to open up the energy channels that will be needed later in your development.

You will be introduced to a powerful fasting technique that will quickly and painlessly address any weight issues you may be struggling with, while toning and detoxifying the body. 

Finally you will be taught how to use affirmation and programming techniques to clear out any emotional baggage from the past, empowering you to trade-in the life you  currently have, for the life you've always dreamed of !

Level 2: Mind-Spirit

In Level 2 you will be taught a powerful meditation practice.

Pre-requisites: Completion and assimilation of the knowledge and techniques from the Body -Emotions program 

In this level of learning you are introduced to chanting and guided meditations in order to prepare your Mental and Spiritual bodies for Awakening.

Finally, you will be introduced to a very powerful technique of Kundalini meditation originating from the ultra-pure Indian Yogic lineage of Siddha Maha Yoga. 

This mediation technique is many orders of magnitude more empowering than simply practicing yoga asanas - or even other forms of meditation

Level 3: Spirit-Heart

In Level 3 you are guided towards Spiritual Awakening through Kundalini activation in your Spiritual body.
Pre-requisites: This program is for those who have completed the Mind-Spirit program and have established a daily sadhana practice. 

In this level of learning you will receive instruction in some esoteric knowledge, as well being introduced to the real significance of the Heart Chakra

Finally, for students who are sufficiently grounded, they will receive Shakti-pat (spontaneous Kundalini Awakening) personally from Spirit Master M.

Level 4: Heart-Ascension

Level 4 is the most advanced training we  currently offer at the ANAHATA ASCENSION COLLECTIVE

This level of learning can be appreciated by anyone who has activated and established Kundalini Shakti rising in their Spiritual body.

In this level of learning you will be taught some of the mysteries of ancient hidden and sacred knowledge, and the stages of Light ascension.   

You will also learn practical techniques to unify your Chakras, build-up your light body, and activate/ spin your Merkaba.

At this level of your ascension you will be given everything you need to be a galactic traveller, able to access the multiverse, and the higher realms.

Transform with Anahata.